The S&P 500 Futures is trading at 3,193.62 with a loss of -0.15% percent or -4.88 point.  Other U.S. stock futures lower in pre-market trading for  Dec 17.The Dow Futures is trading at 28,194.50  with a loss of -0.24% percent or -68.50 point.The Nasdaq Futures is trading at 8,600.88 with a loss of  -0.06%  percent or -5.12 point.


U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer on Sunday told CBS News that the phase-one China deal was “totally done.” He said the deal goes beyond agriculture to address intellectual-property issues, has strong enforcement provisions and addresses financial services and currency issues. A number of contentious issues remain to be resolved in further “phase-two” talks, which have yet to be scheduled. The deal is expected to be signed in January, he said.


For the day the Dow is trading at 28,235.89 up with +0.36% percent or +100.51 point. The S&P 500 is trading at 3,191.45 up with +0.71% percent or +22.65 point. The Nasdaq Composite is trading at 8,814.23 up with +0.91% percent or +79.35 point.

Other leading market index closes included the small-cap Russell 2000 Index closed at 1,649.94 up with +0.73%  percent or +11.96  point; the S&P 600 Small-Cap Index closed at 1,007.93  up with +0.51% percent or +5.14 point; the S&P 400 Mid-Cap Index closed at 2,038.46 up with +0.68% percent or +13.74   point; the S&P 100 Index closed at 1,423.85 up with +0.72% percent or +10.23 point; the Russell 3000 Index closed at 1,869.31 up with +0.73% percent or +13.56 point; the Russell 1000 Index closed at 1,762.45 up with +0.73% or +12.79 point.

In other parts of world, Japan’s Nikkei 225 is trading at 24,066.12 up with +0.47% percent or +113.77 point. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng is trading at 27,791.82 up with +1.04% percent or +285.33 point. China’s Shanghai Composite is trading at 3,022.42 up with +1.27% percent or +38.03 point. India’s BSE Sensex is trading at 41,283.68 up with +0.84% percent or +344.27 point at 12:15 PM.Germany’s DAX is trading at 13,299.96  with a loss of –0.80% percent or –107.70 point. France’s CAC 40 is trading at 5,965.78  with a loss of –0.43% percent or –25.87 point. The Stoxx Europe 600 is trading at 414.87  with a loss of -0.71% percent or -2.97   point.